Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twenty-seven: I Heart March

(Shirt: Macys, Jeans: Banana Republic, Scarf: Old Navy, Shoes: Mudd)

March has always been my favorite month of the year, because it is my birthday month!  Then, two years ago, A and I got married in March.  Also, most years, March hosts the annual science conference I attend, which has gotten even more exciting in the last couple years because it's become like a reunion of all my favorite people from grad school.  Oh yeah, and all those fun little birthday coupons stores and restaurants email to me!  (World Market, Moes, CVS... yes I get excited about CVS.)  Last but not least, March brings warm weather!!!  This year February tried to one-up March in that respect but I still expect great, warm, sunny things from my favorite month. 

Might as well kick off March with polka dots!  I copied this polka dot shirt + polka dot scarf from a magazine, and I am proud of myself, because that's a first, and people in magazines usually look way more put together than I do!  On one hand, I like that the colors in this outfit are all dark and similar, and on the other, I also think it would look great with all dark plus a bright red or something. 

Happy March everyone!


  1. Happy March!!! LOVE the polka dot shirt/scarf combo!

    A Journey to Style

  2. Love the polka dots! Did you know that polka dots are this month's Everybody, Everywear item?

  3. @ Tamuna: Thanks!!!

    @Liz: Yes I did! I considered saving this outfit for next week but I really wanted to wear it during the remix! I love polka dots as this month's item!


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