Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twenty-eight: Wantin' Ain't Gettin'

(Shirt: J. Crew, Skirt: Gap, Cardigan: American Eagle, Shoes: Shoe Station, Belt: Marshalls, Necklace: Pac Sun)

When I was just a small child, still content with neon shirts and slap bracelets, my mother's co-worker shared with her a phrase that still runs through my head today: Wantin' ain't gettin'.  My mom loved this phrase so much it was her go-to response whenever I started ooohing and ahhhing over something at the mall.  I hated it then, what teenager wants to hear those words?  But I find it popping into my head all the time now when I'm shopping.  (Just another sign that I am slowly turning into my mother... which may not be as scary as I once thought)  In honor of the sentiment of that phrase, here's a list of items I'm currently wantin'.  Some I may eventually get... but only once sales roll around... I'm not a full price kinda girl.

 Dorrie Skirt: Yes!  Great shape, decent length and I NEED the blue!  And the toffee!  And the white....

Blowfish Sandbox: The red and white really appeals to me, what do you guys think?  Navy and white would probably get a lot more wear.  I love these though, in either stripe.  

 Gingham Sonoma shorts: So adorable.  And remixable.

Blowfish Shiloh: I have something similar in gray from Blowfish last year and they always get compliments.  Want in whiskey!

I also want some florals and some brightly colored belts!

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  1. Wanting ain't getting..nice one!

    Agree on the blue skirt and the red striped shoes! Looove :)

  2. I'd be more likely to wear the red and white shoes. I love red.


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